Series: Curiosity Kit: Mary Church Terrell

Curiosity Kits inspire exploration and learning of history through place. These multi-piece resources include articles that explore historic places and provide educational activities for life-long learners. This kit focuses on the life and legacy of Mary Church Terrell, a women’s rights and Black civil rights activist.

  • Article 1: Learning From Mary Church Terrell

    Mary Church Terrell

    This articles offers activities about Mary Church Terrell. Intended for learners of all ages. Read more

  • Pennsylvania Avenue

    Article 2: Places of Mary Church Terrell

    Three quarter length portrait of Mary Church Terrell, circa 1920. Library of Congress

    Mary Church Terrell was a prominent advocate for African American civil rights and African American women’s suffrage. After receiving her bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Oberlin College, Terrell relocated to Washington, D.C. to work as a teacher. Living in Washington, D.C. provided Terrell access to other prominent civil rights activists and federal lawmakers. Read more