Sea Level Rise Scenarios Report for U.S. Coastal Areas

Aerial view of Ocean City, Maryland, with the sea at its doorstep
Ocean City, Maryland


October 2017 - The Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flood Hazard Scenarios and Tools Interagency Task Force released a report earlier this year focused on updating scenarios of global mean sea level rise, and then integrating those global scenarios with regional factors contributing to sea level change for the entire U.S. coastline.

The Global and regional sea level rise scenarios for the United States report looked at the most recent literature, including that on the potential for rapid ice melt in Greenland and Antarctica. Among its findings was the projection that relative sea level rise may be higher than global averages along almost all areas of the U.S. coastline. It also recommends increasing both high and low sea level rise scenarios, and discusses the links to risk assessments, planning, and management in coastal areas.

Last updated: October 31, 2017