Sea Cave Inventory Underway at Golden Gate

Two National Park Service scientists standing in the mouth of a sea cave
Sea caves like this one near Rodeo Beach were recently surveyed by National Park Service staff.

NPS / Gabi Dunn

Isopod on a sea cave wall
A common sea cave-dwelling isopod called the sea slater (Ligia pallasii) found near Black Sands Beach.

NPS / Tori Seher

August 2017 - The second week of August was filled with adventure and discovery for the Golden Gate National Recreation Area archaeologist, beach patrol, and biologists, along with a visiting National Park Service Alaska Regional Office scientist specializing in sea caves.

As a part of an effort to create a park-wide inventory of sea caves, the visiting physical scientist recorded geologic features, dimensions, and locations of sea caves. Meanwhile, biologists recorded key biological features such as the presence of breeding sea birds and common marine life. A week of inventories has revealed 82 sea caves and cave-like features (e.g., arches) along the park’s Marin County coastline alone. Contact Darren Fong for additional details.

Last updated: August 31, 2017