San Juan National Historic Site Hosts Re-enlistment Ceremony

Two men in army fatigues face each other with their right hand raised atop the stone forts in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
Army Specialist (SPC) Samuel Meade takes his re-enlistment oath to continue his service another three years.

NPS Photo

By Robert Parrish

On Thursday October 14, The San Juan National Historic Site once again served as the place where many men and women have demonstrated their commitment, courage and honor to the country. The third level of Castillo San Cristobal was the selected area where Army Specialist (SPC) Samuel Meade took his re-enlistment oath to serve in the US Army for an additional three years. SPC Meade and his unit came to Puerto Rico two weeks ago to help in the Hurricane Maria recovery efforts in Puerto Rico, having just returned from a deployment to South Korea. Attached to FEMA, his unit has conducted many rescue missions around the island.

San Juan National Historic Site Caribbean Parks’ Superintendent Randy Lavasseur was honored to approve the request from Sergeant First Class Wayne Gray for the US Army 3rd Military Information Support Battalion from Fort Bragg, NC to use the historic site as the place where Specialist Meade would again raise his right hand and affirm his commitment to “uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America”. The staffs of the San Juan National Historic Site and the Eastern Incident Management Team extend our congratulations and deepest gratitude to SPC Samuel Meade and all of the service members working side by side with us each day here in Puerto Rico.

Last updated: October 24, 2017