Sacagawea Statue in Portland, OR


Photo:  Public Domain 

This statue of Sacagawea is believed to be the first of many across the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. Today, you’ll find it in Washington Park in Portland, Oregon. It’s made of bronze and was unveiled at the Lewis and Clark Exhibition in 1905 in Portland to commemorate the centennial anniversary of the Expedition.

The statue was designed by Alice Cooper. Born in 1875 in Glenwood, Iowa, Cooper received her education at the Art Institute of Chicago. The statue was cast in New York and required more than 20 tons of Oregon copper.

National American Women’s Suffrage Association raised the funds to build the statue. Its inscription reads, “Erected by the women of the United States in memory of the only woman in the Lewis & Clark expedition, and in honor of the pioneer mother of Oregon.”

Lewis & Clark National Historic Trail

Last updated: March 23, 2020