Appendix IV. Procedures for full decontamination

By J. Judson Wynne

Another option is to designate one person to be responsible for disinfecting all personal equipment, as follows.

  1. Put on a clean pair of disposable; or ballistic nylon coveralls, shoe covers, and rubber cleaning gloves.
  2. Prepare chemical decontamination mixture (see USFWS 2016) in 5-gallon bucket.[1] and clean water for rinsing (in another 5-gallon bucket).
  3. Dump all equipment out of personal isolation garbage bags and place all empty personal isolation bags in a clean garbage bag.
  4. Use a nylon brush to remove any dirt and mud from boots, caving bags, knee/elbow pads, gloves, and other equipment (USFWS 2016).
  5. Decontaminate gear following the most recent WNS Decontamination Protocol (e.g., USFWS 2016). Submerge recently disinfected gear in rinse water following decontamination treatment.
  6. Once all gear is disinfected, nylon brushes and any other equipment used in the decontamination process are decontaminated following step 5.
  7. Remove rubber gloves and put on a pair of nitrile gloves.
  8. Decontaminate rubber gloves.[2]
  9. Carefully roll up pant legs of coveralls so they do not touch shoe covers.
  10. Remove shoe covers and place in a garbage bag (same bag used to dispose of personal isolation bags).
  11. Remove shoes (the ones worn underneath the shoe covers) and place on ground in front of you.
  12. Remove coveralls by peeling them off and turning the suit inside out.
  13. Put on shoes.
  14. Place coveralls in garbage bag.
  15. Wipe exterior of garbage bag. Wipe inside of bag to area below where zip tie will be secured.
  16. Remove nitrile gloves following standard medical procedure.[3]
  17. Place nitrile gloves in garbage bag.
  18. Close and seal the garbage bag with a zip tie.
  19. Double bag the garbage bags containing contaminated or presumed contaminated gear/garbage and zip tie shut.
  20. Wash hands with all-natural/biodegradable wipes or soap and water.

Literature cited

USFWS (US Fish and Wildlife Service). 2016. National white-nose syndrome decontamination protocol, Version 04.12.2016.

[1]One mixture of decontamination solution is prepared in a 5-gallon bucket and used on a per study site basis. Used solution remains in the bucket, covered with a tightly fastened lid, and is then placed in a garbage bag and zip-tied. The bucket is stored securely in the vehicle to prevent it from tipping and spilling while driving on rough roads. All chemical-water mixtures are properly disposed of following the manufacturer’s recommendations at the nearest suitable facilities exist.
[2]Decontaminate using isopropyl alcohol (70%) wipes.
[3]Pinch glove of one hand carefully on the inside of the wrist and remove it by turning it inside out, then remove the other glove using the clean interior of the glove previously removed.

Last updated: July 27, 2017