Fire Prevention 52: Be Fire Safe on Valentine’s Day

Colorful heart valentines day candies that says be safe.

Keep Fire Safety in Mind

Before you plan a quiet getaway at home complete with candles, a home-cooked meal, and crackling fireplace, keep fire safety in your thoughts to avoid a flaming night.

Candles - Use them wisely and carefully. Followers of celebrity news may have heard of a fire at Ozzy Osbourne's Beverly Hills home that resulted in injuries and damage. The candle-caused fire is a lesson in fire prevention, because many typical "don'ts" regarding candle use happened before the fire. Read the US Magazine news article for more information.

Cooking - Keep an eye on your cooking, as well as your date. Choosing the perfect meal is a key component to the evening, but preparing it safely should be a priority. Even if you order takeout, keep paper and plastic food wrappings away from flames and heat.

Fireplaces - Clear the area around your hearth of debris. Keep those paper heart decorations away from the fireplace and ensure wrapping paper is discarded after those special gifts are opened. Don't let the fire burn through the night; make sure it is completely out.

Fire Info for You

Candle fires are preventable. The U.S. Fire Administration provides additional information about the causes and circumstances of candle fires and safety measures you can use at home. The NFPA offers helpful safety tips for heating, including fireplaces.

Take Action

  1. Never leave a candle unattended or abandoned.
  2. Keep candles at least 12 inches away from anything that can burn. Consider the actions of pets and children; watch for blowing air from heating vents and windows.
  3. Do not wear loose fitting clothing while cooking, and keep oven mitts and towels away from the stove top.
  4. Keep a lid nearby to smother potential grease fires.
  5. Move wood and other combustibles away from the fireplace.
  6. Use a metal mesh screen in front of the fireplace to prevent embers from flying into the room.

Prevention 52 begins with you!

Prevention 52 intends to educate and empower all NPS employees to help prevent structural fires. Prevention 52 provides you with relevant fire prevention messages every week of the year--52 to be exact. You have the opportunity every week to make a difference. Don't let historic ashes become your legacy.

Last updated: November 25, 2016