IOOF Hall, Iowa

The former lodge room is now used as a living and dining area, and a new bedroom, partitioned by a wall with a glass transom, was sensitively constructed within the historic space.
Constructed in 1904, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows Block (IOOF Hall) is a two-story red brick building located on a corner lot of Mount Vernon, Iowa’s main street. The building, a contributing property within the Mount Vernon Commercial Historic District, has underdone little change since its construction. The first floor commercial space has continuously operated as a clothing store since 1910. The second floor space was originally designed and used as a fraternal hall and consisted of one front room, a back room and a large open space in the middle. While the second floor has most recently been used for commercial purposed, the plan, features and finishes had not been altered.
Top: A new bedroom and bathroom has been added within the lodge hall. The bathroom partitions are lowered so full ceiling heights are retained. Below: No work was undertaken to the exterior of the IOOF Hall.
As part of this rehabilitation, the first floor commercial space had minor repairs for continuous use. In converting the second floor to a residential use, the general plan configuration was retained. New walls creating a master bedroom were construed in a corner of the former meeting room. The new walls included clear glass transoms to retain the visual sight line of the former meeting hall which is used as a living and dining area. A kitchen was inserted in the front room and a second bedroom at the rear. Original plaster walls, tall double wooden doors (some with Odd Fellow peep holes) and wood floors and trim were repaired and retained. Many of the original built in storage cabinets were also retained. A new elevator was installed at the rear of the building.

Last updated: September 28, 2017