NRSS at Colorado Get Outdoors Day 2017!

The 10th annual Colorado Get Outdoors Day (GO Day) saw high numbers for both temperature and attendance at Sloan’s Lake in Denver last Saturday, June 10, 2017! A team from the Biological Resources Division (BRD) represented the Natural Resources Stewardship and Science Directorate (NRSS) with hands on learning activities on conservation and stewardship.
A young boy plays a game, placing a cut out of a shark over a picture of a shark while a woman sits on the ground behind him smiling
Matching silhouettes of sharks to their pictures was exciting for children, like this young boy, but proved to be fun for older GO Day 2017 attendees as well.

NPS Photo/S. Sparhawk

The Resource Engagement Branch and Wildlife Conservation Branch, assisted by the NPS Submerged Resources Center, helped cool visitors down by giving them a glimpse into deep, blue ocean waters, despite being in a landlocked state! Activities focused on learning about the endangered Right Whale and the diversity of sharks in our oceans.
A young African American boy peers through some binoculars across the table at a woman as she waves back to him.
There was plenty of tools to discover biodiversity at the Community Stewardship Program booth, like these handy binoculars shown in action above.

NPS Photo/S. Sparhawk

The Community Stewardship Program encouraged kids and adults alike to be scientists in their own backyards, using biodiversity checklists to help them look for the biodiversity that is all around us, even in urban areas.
NRSS joined other National Park Service (NPS) sponsored booths, including the Intermountain Region’s Heritage Partnership Program, Florissant Fossil Beds National Monument, and the NPS and Environmental Learning for Kids Urban Rangers Program.

All booths hosted by the NPS saw a steady flow of visitors of all ages and backgrounds, starting well before the event opened at 10 AM, until its ending at 3 PM. Other exhibitors included the U.S. Forest Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Leave No Trace, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and more.

The event, encouraging all-things-outdoors, brought an estimated 6,000 people out to learn, play, and explore all that Colorado has to offer.

For more information on the NRSS hosted booths or to see more pictures, contact Sarah Sparhawk.

Last updated: March 20, 2018