National Park Service Staff "Go Green"

As of early 2013, over one thousand National Park Service employees joined in a servicewide "greening" effort called "My Green Parks," pledging to reduce the NPS carbon footprint by reducing energy, water and fuel consumption, and waste generation.

My Green Parks
The National Park Service My Green Parks website helps staff

In September 2012, the National Park Service (NPS) released an interactive website, My Green Parks, as one of the many ways the service is implementing climate change mitigation goals outlined in the NPS Climate Change Action Plan and Green Parks Plan. My Green Parks helps NPS staff understand simple yet substantive actions they can take during the course of their workday to conserve energy, reduce waste, decrease carbon emissions, and save money.

The goal of employing this tool is to promote regular and long-term staff participation in and commitment to reducing the service's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and lowering energy-related costs. The website takes a three-pronged approach toward promoting a sustainable work ethic, including providing educational material on sustainability issues, suggesting actions staff can take to reduce carbon emissions, and tracking/monitoring the potential cumulative environmental and cost benefits of those actions.

This dynamic site encourages staff to "Take Action" in the office and fleet and maintenance operations and along daily commutes. Examples include pledging to buy "green" and choose recycled-content office supplies, use hybrid and alternative vehicles, and carpool or combine trips when possible.

Site features include:

  • Interactive content for more than 90 "greening" actions;
  • Information on why and how to green an office, maintenance facility, or fleet;
  • Calculated emissions reductions and annual energy cost savings resulting from actions taken;
  • Graphical reports demonstrating progress;
  • Monthly challenges and sustainability tips; and
  • Resources and bulletin board sections with tools and educational resources on numerous energy efficiency and sustainability topics.

As more NPS staff join the effort, we hope to share success stories with our visitors to help inspire them to take sustainability-minded actions during their visit and at home.

Last updated: February 4, 2015