North Coast and Cascades Network Exotic Plant Management Team

Group posing for a photo at an entry sign for North Cascades National Park
Exotic Plant Management Team at North Cascades National Park


The North Coast and Cascades Network Exotic Plant Management Team (NCCN EPMT) manages a diverse array of exotic plants across the dramatic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. From temperate rainforests of Olympic National Park and vast mountain lakes of North Cascades National Park, to oak savannahs of San Juan Island National Historical Park and picturesque agricultural fields of Ebey’s Landing National Historical Reserve, NCCN EPMT assists partner parks across western Washington State and northwestern Oregon. Working across all of these biotypes presents a unique challenge; crew members must be prepared to adapt to temperatures ranging from the breezy 40’s and 50’s of coastal Washington’s spring and autumn to the scorching 100˚ heat of protected river valleys in high summer.

People loading plant exotic plant control backpacks and equipment into a vehicle
Exotic Plant Management Team loading chemical control equipment into the back of a vehicle.


The team works with partner parks and agencies to augment vegetation management across the network. Projects generally focus on preventing the spread of invasive plant species into sensitive wilderness, preparing disturbed areas for ecological restoration, or assisting in large-scale ecosystem management with partner organizations. The team’s projects vary from long-term ecological restoration to Early-Detection Rapid-Response. NCCN EPMT’s partner parks manage over 2.1 million acres of federally protected land.

Wide view of a team of people working in a meadow
Exotic Plant Management Team working to control Canada thistle in Mount Rainier National Park.


Target species vary by ecosystem and by park priority, but the NCCN EPMT spends the majority of their time on reed canary grass, Canada and bull thistles, knotweeds, Himalayan and cutleaf blackberry, poison hemlock and scotch broom.

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Cheryl Decker
North Coast and Cascades Exotic Plant Management Team Coordinator

Last updated: July 6, 2018