Nonfederal Minerals other than Oil and Gas—Legal Instruments

The NPS Geologic Resources Division developed this article as part of a series to summarize laws, regulations, and policies that specifically apply to NPS minerals and geologic resources. The table below does not include laws of general application (e.g., Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act, Wilderness Act, National Environmental Policy Act, or National Historic Preservation Act). Also, the table does include the NPS Organic Act when it serves as the main authority for protection of a particular resource or when other, more specific laws are not available. Information is current as of December 2023. Contact the NPS Geologic Resources Division for detailed guidance.

Nonfederal Minerals other than Oil and Gas

Resource-specific Laws

NPS Organic Act, 54 USC §§ 100101 and 100751

Resource-specific Regulations

36 CFR Parts 1, 5, and 6

NPS regulations require the owners/operators of other types of mineral rights to obtain a special use permit from the NPS as a § 5.3 business operation, and § 5.7 – Construction of buildings or other facilities, and to comply with the solid waste regulations at Part 6.

2006 Management Policies

Section 8.7.3

states that operators exercising rights in a park unit must comply with 36 CFR Parts 1 and 5.

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Last updated: January 2, 2024