NHA Podcast Returns with Episode 3.1: Black Soldiers in the American Revolution

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Philadelphia, PA (April 12, 2019) – The National Heritage Areas Podcast returns with a third season.

In the introduction to this season, Communications Coordinator Jules Long and Regional Program Manager Peter Samuel provide a recap of seasons 1 and 2 and discuss the focus of this year’s episodes. Season 3 will take a closer look at how National Heritage Areas (NHAs) tell all Americans’ stories. In each episode, Jules speaks with a different NHA across the country to learn about a lesser-known story, why that history is important, and how the NHA is working to remember and share it.

In Episode 1, Jules visits the Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area in New Jersey to learn about black soldiers in the American Revolutionary War. She speaks with Daryian Kelton, a historical reenactor and educator at the Old Barracks Museum in Trenton, who explains the role black soldiers played in both the American and British sides during the war.
African American man in Revolutionary War uniform
Daryian Kelton in Revolutionary War uniform at the Old Barracks Museum.

NPS / Jules Long

Daryian tells the story of Colonel Tye, a formerly enslaved man who became the leader of the “Black Brigade,” a band of men who raided the countryside of New Jersey on behalf of British Loyalist forces. Daryian describes his experiences roleplaying historical figures such as Colonel Tye for educational programs with local school groups.

Jules also sits down with Janice Selinger, Executive Director of Crossroads of the American Revolution NHA, to hear about some of the programs that the NHA has helped to develop. These include the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution, the Revolutionary Neighbors program, and a project to bring local students to the Old Barracks Museum to learn about the history that happened in their own backyard.

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