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Health Benefits of Nature

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Here are a few of the health benefits of getting outdoors.


Just 20 minutes in nature improves concentration and reduces the need for ADHD and ADD medications in children. Walking through nature also improves cognitive function and memory. These benefits can greatly improve performance in school.


Exercising in nature leads to greater health benefits than performing the same activity indoors. Individuals are more likely to repeat being physically active when the exercise is performed in a natural environment. Communities that are closer to nature are more likely to have stronger ties with their community members.


A 30-minute visit to a park can improve heart health, circulation and lower cholesterol, blood glucose, and blood pressure. Walking in nature reduces inflammation and boosts your immune system, which decreases the risk of certain diseases and cancers. Interacting with a green space increases social interactions which can prevent diseases like dementia.

Listening to birdsongs and observing animals in nature have shown to promote wellbeing, reduce stress, improve mood, and reduce attention fatigue. Natural aromas from wood and plants have calming effects and viewing nature reduces mental fatigue.


5 minutes walking in nature improves mood, self-esteem, and relaxation. Frequent exposure to nature reduces anxiety and depression, while promoting a sense of wellbeing and fulfillment. Physcial activity in a green space can reduce stress and lowers cortisol levels by 15%.

More Productive

Physical activity in a green space can improve cognitive control, short and long-term memory and overall brain function. Children who walk 20 minutes in a park concentrate inschool longer and have better participation. The mental and attention restoration achieved from walking in nature can improve performance on tasks in school and at work.Exercising in nature leads to greater health benefits than performing the same activity indoors.

Views of nature in work or school increase direct attention, well being and life satisfaction. They also increase working memory and concentration. Living within 1/2 mile of a green
space decreases mental distress and anxiety, while boosting heart and metabolic health.

And there's more. . . .

Exposure to nature has endless health benefits for you and the planet. There are more ways getting out in nature and parks improves your health and wellness.

Want to see the evidence? Visit our Healthy Parks Healthy People Resources page to learn more.

Last updated: March 30, 2023