National Parks BioBlitz Kicks off at Cabrillo

In celebration of the NPS Centennial, efforts to coordinate a service-wide BioBlitz to help inspire the next generation of stewards and provide a national snapshot of biodiversity are underway. This National Parks BioBlitz will take place in over 100 national parks during the 2016 Centennial year

Ready, Set, BioBlitz!

 A man searches for organisms in a tide pool off Cabrillo National Monument.
The intertidal habitat is one of the most important natural resources of Cabrillo and is relatively well studied, but a broad inventory has never been attempted.

Photo by Don Endicott, NPS.

The National Parks BioBlitz is off to a running start, with the first events being held at Cabrillo National Monument in California. Participants at Cabrillo made over 440 observations, documenting 150 species - in just five hours (most BioBlitz events take place over a 24 hour period)! The park approached this opportunity as a means to identify and document as many intertidal organisms (algae, inverts, vertebrates, etc.) as possible during this short time period using NPS staff, VIPs, and partners.

So far, 111 parks have signed up to participate in this Centennial year event, but there is still time for you park to be involved!

Parks can register their NPS Centennial BioBlitz event on the National Parks BioBlitz website.

Please direcet questions regarding BioBlitzes in national park to

Last updated: March 20, 2018