Mud Lake Complex Facilitated Learning Analysis at Big Cypress, a Learning-Focused Organization

Facilitated Learning Analysis Requested by a Learning-Focused Organization

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The Big Cypress Wildland Fire and Aviation Program’s post-incident response to the Mud Lake Complex wildfires demonstrated their desire to be a learning-focused organization that continually improves. After the event, an independent interagency team of fire management professionals was asked to oversee a Facilitated Learning Analysis (FLA), a process that provided an in-depth study into the management decisions made, strategies used and actions taken during the complex. The management of the Mud Lake Complex and the ensuing FLA were nothing short of success stories.

The FLA was conducted by members of the US Forest Service, the National Park Service and the Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center to improve the local fire management program, but can be utilized by any program that strives to be a learning-focused organization.

The Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center released the report, concluding the FLA process which affirms the success of the complex’s management strategy, the shift to the organization’s learning focus, and the dedication employed by the FLA team in creating a model for the rest of the wildland fire community.

Mud Lake Complex Facilitated Learning Analysis

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Last updated: December 14, 2017