Newport News: Matthew Jones House

Matthew Jones House

Courtesy of the Virginia Department of Historic Resources

Previously known as "Bourbon" and "Brick House Farm", the Matthew Jones House was named after the inscription over the doorway of the original kitchen. The inscription reads "Matthew Jones 1727." When the kitchen was demolished in 1893 to provide brick for the remodelling of the main house, the inscription was lost. At that time, the current owners placed the same inscription on the house itself. It is unknown what the inscription date indicates.

The Matthew Jones House is one of the finest examples of medieval style houses in Virginia. Its design reflects that of the small English manor houses of the previous century. Even in its present altered form, the house is significant architecturally.

The Matthew Jones House was listed on the Virginia Landmarks Register on November 5, 1968 and the National Register of Historic Places on June 11, 1969. The house is opened to the public as a museum property by the Fort Eustis Historical and Archaeological Association (FEHAA). For more information please call the FEHAA at 757-872-8283 or email them at

Last updated: September 20, 2016