Bungalow Courts, California

The exterior view of the building anchoring the courtyard after rehabilitation.
The Hollywood Bungalow Courts, built between 1921 and 1925, are typical of early 20th-century housing in Hollywood. The courts fell into disrepair, but they retained many of their historic features, including built-in ironing boards and pull-down tables. A larger threat was the fact that they occupied land now zoned for higher density development, making them tear-down candidates.
Top: The anchoring building of the courtyard before rehabilitation. Bottom: View through the courtyard of the row of bungalows.
When the Hollywood Community Housing Corporation acquired the properties, their preservation and reuse was assured. After an $11 million rehabilitation, the courts now offer housing for special-needs and low-income residents. The apartment’s quirky interior features were preserved, and the many remaining historic landscape plantings, walks, and porches were restored.

Last updated: September 28, 2017