Newest Hawksbill Turtle Nest

Hawksbill Nest 07-2018
Photo by Adren Anderson

The second known Hawksbill nest of the season was found the week of July 8,2018, by the volunteer-based Sea Turtle Nest Monitoring and Protection Program. A protective screen was placed upon the nest to deter potential predators, such as dogs and mongoose, from destroying the nest. While the screen keeps predators out of the nest, it allows the hatchlings to travel through the openings upon emergence. In the past, several nests have been lost to dogs and mongoose. As these turtles are endangered species, it is important to protect each and every nest. The program currently has 42 dedicated volunteers scanning St. John’s beaches for signs of sea turtle nesting activity.
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Hawksbill Hatchling from HAVO
NPS Photo

We hope to find some of these later this summer.

Last updated: July 27, 2018