History Discovery Event Checklist

A group of Alaska Natives wearing furs look into the camera
Project Jukebox worked with the digital branch of the University of Alaska Fairbank’s Oral History Program, a frequent collaborator with the National Park Service, to digitize hundreds of oral history interviews.
  1. Are You Telling A Well-Researched Story? Writing a “true” history can be difficult. Our knowledge of the past is influenced by our perspectives, available sources, and other factors. Are you following good historical practice and basing your History Discovery Event on reliable research and evidence?
  2. Are You Honoring Different Perspectives? Individuals’ circumstances and identities shape their experiences with and recollections of historical events. Does your History Discovery Event acknowledge this diversity by incorporating different perspectives?
  3. Do You Provide Participatory Opportunities? Visitors learning about history may feel compelled to share their perspectives on the narrative. Have you created a space for audience engagement? Is it accessible to all participants?
  4. Are You Tackling Difficult Topics? To fully understand the past, we need to confront historical conflicts and debates. Parks serve as a safe space for these potentially uncomfortable encounters by facilitating healing through remembrance and education.
  5. Are You Presenting the Why of What Happened? History is more than just a recollection of what happened. We are also curious about why and how the past unfolded. How does the event illuminate the historical context surrounding the main narrative/event?
  6. Are You Showing Visitors How You Know What You Know? History Discovery Events provide an opportunity for us to teach audiences about historical methods. How do you explain research and sources to your visitors? Does your project encourage visitors to take up their own research?
  7. Can You Connect the Past to the Present? Visitors appreciate narratives that help make sense of their own lives today. How does your History Discovery Event draw parallels between historical events and contemporary ones? How does the past resonate with recent news, themes, and issues?
  8. Are You Using the Best Methods to Make Your Story Accessible? What technologies does your History Discovery Event use to preserve and share history? Whether digital or analog, how do these tools and platforms allow you to reach a wide audience across various learning needs and under served communities?

Last updated: September 6, 2017