Greg Kaiser, Project Manager for Denver Service Center, Design and Construction

Greg Kaiser with his children
Greg Kaiser with his 15 year-old triplets at the Denver Service Center (DSC) offices for "Bring Your Child To Work Day."

What is your name and job title? Greg Kaiser, Project Manager for the Denver Service Center (DSC) Design and Construction Division.

How did you first learn about Denver Service Center and what drew you to apply for your job? I worked previously as term Project Specialist with DSC Design and Construction.

What experience and education do you have? I have 28 years experience as a landscape architect and project manager in the design and construction industry. I've worked on both private and public projects that were local, national and international. I have a Bachelor of Science in Landscape Architecture and a Master's in Environmental Policy and Management.

What three skills do you think are key to helping you succeed in your role and why?

  1. Organization - trying to keep things moving forward and tracking results.
  2. Time management - knowing when to dive into details or if you can delegate/get help, and
  3. Being personable - having a sense of humor, understanding different perspectives, and trying not to take yourself too seriously.

How do you recharge? Riding a bike to and from work, any outside recreation, sleep, and family-time on the weekends.

What's the most important lesson you've learned in the last year? Attitude is everything. If you can stay positive with work and personal challenges, you find people who will want to support you. It's a great life-cycle lesson.

Last updated: May 23, 2019