Gratz Street Rowhouses, Pennsylvania

Two images of the front facades: one taken before rehab, the other after
Twenty-nine low-income housing townhouses rehabilitated using the Federal Rehabilitation Tax Credit in the Lower North Philadelphia Speculative Housing District. The projects, which have been certified LEED Platinum, reverse some renovation work done 20 years ago when they were converted to Section 8 housing.
Top: The rehabilitated kitchens offer new linoleum, drywall, and energy efficient appliances. Below: The rear elevation has been cleaned, repainted, and new balusters have been installed.
Although few historic interior features remained the project’s outset, the rehabilitation of these buildings, which included masonry repair and code upgrades, has helped to revitalize a neighborhood that had suffered from neglect. Sustainable features include Energy Star appliances, new insulation, and high-efficiency plumbing, while native landscape plantings and run-off swales help prevent flooding and enhance the streetscape.

Last updated: October 12, 2017