Ft. Atkinson State Historical Park

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the National Trails System four special dogs, the Lewis and Clark Pups, will travel in the paws of their ancestor Seaman, dog of Meriwether Lewis. The pups will travel more than 3,700 miles to complete their mission to commemorate and protect the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. As they make their stops they will be reporting back in on their adventures. Follow Rocky, Harper, Dakota, and Keelie on their adventures on the Newfie News Blog.
stuffed pup and fort
What a day on the bluff— the Council Bluff at Fort Atkinson! This site is where Lewis and Clark had their first meeting, our first council, with the Oto and Missouria tribes. At the suggestion of William Clark, a fort was established here in 1820.

stuffed pup with statue
What a cool place to visit. I saw the statues of the “First Council” and sat by my ancestor, Seaman.
stuffed pup with replica gun
In the museum I saw a replica of the air rifle that Meriwether Lewis carried.
stuffed animal with model of 1820s fort
I also saw a model of the fort—the original was really big—the largest in the west during the 1820s.
stuffed animal with four statues
I also sat near four men when they were discussing the “Treaty of Friendship” with Colonel Henry Atkinson. This treaty was with the Pawnee and they didn’t seem to mind me listening.
stuffed animal with animal furs
I even got to ride on a canoe while it was floating down the river. It was only a big picture, but it seemed real! The fur trapper had all kinds of furs that I could sniff—mink, raccoon, beaver, fox and even a skunk! I guess humans like to touch them, and that is ok here!
Stuffed animal with 1812 display
Fort Atkinson is celebrating a “Bicentennial Year” focusing on the War of 1812. They have a display from Canada which tells the story of how the British fought the war. here is also a display from the United States Naval Department telling about how the United States fought the war. At the end of my visit, I was able to run on the prairie. It was great, and I could see the big fort in the background.
stuffed animal with program schedule
I had a wonderful visit at Fort Atkinson. They took one picture of me with their schedule, so hopefully you can come to visit.

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Last updated: May 18, 2018