For Adults

NPS adult with kid

Whether you'd like to encourage a child's interest in archeology, or want to use archeology as a teaching tool, these For Kids pages can get you started. Some of the activities are potentially messy, but you'll have fun, too.

Archeology is part science, part art. There's something for every kid: rocks, dirt, fashion and food, to name a few. Use archeology to explore what interests them, and you. If your kid loves people - or maybe needs a boost being familiar with new people and ideas - archeology can help explore the ways that people lived and the perspectives they bring.

Encouraging stewardship for archeological heritage is a powerful way adults can help kids become responsible citizens. Sites and artifacts are easily damaged through careless digging and removal of materials. An ethic for stewardship guides kids to consider how their actions affect other people. Please remind kids that disturbing archeological places affects everyone.

As you learn about archeology with a kid, it's a good opportunity to help them think through their interests and the ways their actions impact people and parks. Check out Guidelines for Visiting Archeological Places for concepts and actions related to archeological stewardship.

Last updated: March 6, 2023