Fishing in Redwood National and State Parks

n the Redwood National and State Parks, the fishing possibilities abound. Although they are named after their famous redwood trees, these parks also boast two major rivers, three large creeks, and numerous ponds and lagoons. In addition, the Pacific Ocean forms the entire western boundary of the parks. All that water provides a diverse range of habitats for at least 188 fish species.

Also within the parks' boundaries are the estuaries – places where freshwater meets saltwater – at the mouths of the Klamath River and Redwood Creek. These estuaries provide several uses for humans and wildlife: they serve as a transition and nursery area for fish, a valuable habitat for fresh and saltwater species, a recreational area for park visitors and nearby communities, and a supply of water for farming and ranching.

The most popular recreational fishing in the parks includes salmon and trout fishing in the Smith and Klamath Rivers, limited trout fishing in portions of Redwood Creek, and surf and night smelt and surfperch fishing along park beaches. Regulations vary widely for open seasons, daily bag and possession limits, and allowable hours for fishing, depending on the target species and location. Please contact the California Department of Fish and Wildlife or any park visitor center for current information on regulations and licenses.

Last updated: January 16, 2018