Endangered Beach Layia Hangs on in Restored Dune Areas at Point Reyes

Small plant with tiny white and yellow flowers growing in the sand
Endangered beach layia was found in large numbers in restored dune areas at Abbots Lagoon


April 2018 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service staff recently came to the park to help monitor the federally endangered beach layia (Layia carnosa). This tiny member of the sunflower family lives in dune habitats, many of which have been overrun with invasive iceplant or European beachgrass.

The last time layia was monitored in the park was in 2003 or 2012. Many of these previously monitored populations were found to be in significant decline due to invasive species, erosion, and trampling. However, tens of thousands of beach layia plants were found growing in the restored and native dune areas at Abbots Lagoon, which have also seen a comeback of other endangered species such as Tidestrom's lupine (Lupinus tidestromii).

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Last updated: April 30, 2018