Documenting Presidential Homes

View of James A Garfield home in spring
Home of President James A. Garfield

NPS photo

Many national parks have direct connections to American presidents—dozens of national historic sites, monuments, and memorials (even one national park) preserve the birthplaces, childhood homes, and residences of our nation's chief executives. One national park, the White House, has been home to every U.S. president except George Washington.

The National Park Service's preservation of presidential sites extends beyond park boundaries. Many of the National Park Service's cultural resource programs also have ties with the presidency, including the National Register of Historic Places, the National Historic Landmarks Program, and Teaching with Historic Places lesson plans.

One of the most popular NPS programs with presidential connections is the Historic American Buildings Survey, which documents important architectural sites throughout the United States and its territories, including homes of and monuments and memorials to more than 30 of our nation's chief executives.

Started in 1933 as a New Deal program to provide much-needed work for architects, photographers, and historians, the Historic American Buildings Survey has recorded America's built environment in multi-format surveys comprised of more than 556,900 measured drawings, large-format photographs, and written histories. Among the more than 38,600 historic structures and sites documented in the collection (which are produced by the National Park Service and digitized for display by the Library of Congress) are the birthplaces, homes, monuments and memorials to more than 30 of our nation's presidents, from the Washington Monument to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello to LBJ's Texas ranch.

Follow the links below to explore some of the presidential sites preserved by the National Park Service and drawings and photographs from the Historic American Buildings Survey. The American Presidents Shared Heritage Travel Itinerary includes a list of additional sites associated with US presidents.

Homes of the Presidents

This list includes only homes that are administered or documented by the National Park Service, not all presidential homes. Many other presidential sites across the United States are managed by private organizations.

President National Park Drawings and Photographs

President's Park (White House)

White House

George Washington
(1st U.S. President,

George Washington's Birthplace National Monument
George Washington Memorial Parkway
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Washington Monument

George Washington Memorial Parkway
Mount Vernon
Washington Monument

John Adams
(2nd U.S. President,

Adams National Historical Park

Adams Mansion
Adams Mansion Flower Garden
John Adams Birthplace

Thomas Jefferson
(3rd U.S. President,

Jefferson National Expansion Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Monument
Thomas Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial
Virginia State Capitol

James Madison
(4th U.S. President,


James Monroe
(5th U.S. President,

Ash Lawn
James Monroe Tomb
Monroe Law Office

John Quincy Adams
(6th U.S. President,

Adams National Historical Park

Adams Mansion
Adams Mansion Flower Garden
John Quincy Adams Birthplace

Andrew Jackson
(7th U.S. President,

The Hermitage

Martin Van Buren
(8th U.S. President,

Martin Van Buren National Historic Site


William Henry Harrison
(9th U.S. President,

Berkeley Plantation
William Henry Harrison House

John Tyler
(10th U.S. President,

Sherwood Forest

Zachary Taylor
(12th U.S. President,

Zachary Taylor House
Zachary Taylor National Cemetery

Franklin Pierce
(14th U.S. President,

Franklin Pierce Homestead
Merrimack County Bank

James Buchanan
(15th U.S. President,


Abraham Lincoln
(16th U.S. President,

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park
Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial
Lincoln Home National Historic Site
Lincoln Memorial
Mount Rushmore National Monument

Abraham Lincoln Birthplace
Ford's Theatre
Lincoln Home Site
Lincoln Memorial
William A. Petersen House

Andrew Johnson
(17th U.S. President,

Andrew Johnson National Historic Site

Andrew Johnson Birthplace - Mordecai Place
Andrew Johnson House

Ulysses S. Grant
(18th U.S. President,

General Grant National Memorial
Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site

General Grant National Memorial
Grant-Dent House
Ulysses S. Grant Boyhood Home
Ulysses S. Grant Cottage
Ulysses S. Grant Monument
White Haven

Rutherford B. Hayes
(19th U.S. President,

Spiegel Grove

James A. Garfield
(20th U.S. President,

James A. Garfield National Historic Site

President James Abram Garfield Monument

Grover Cleveland
(22nd U.S. President,

Grover Cleveland Birthplace

Benjamin Harrison
(23rd U.S. President,

Benjamin Harrison House
Berkeley Plantation

William McKinley
(25th U.S. President,

Sgt. William McKinley Monument

Theodore Roosevelt
(26th U.S. President,

Sagamore Hill National Historic Site
Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace National Historic Site
Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural National Historic Site
Theodore Roosevelt National Park
Theodore Roosevelt Island

Ansley Wilcox House
Sagamore Hill

William Howard Taft
(27th U.S. President,

William Howard Taft National Historic Site

Woodrow Wilson
(28th U.S. President,

The "Manse"
Woodrow Wilson Boyhood Home
Woodrow Wilson House

Herbert Hoover
(31st U.S. President,

Herbert Hoover National Historic Site

Herbert Hoover Birthplace House

Franklin D. Roosevelt
(32nd U.S. President,

Home of Franklin D. Roosevelt National Historic Site


Harry S. Truman
(33rd U.S. President,

Harry S. Truman National Historic Site

Harry S. Truman Farm Home
Harry S. Truman House

Dwight D. Eisenhower
(34th U.S. President,

Eisenhower National Historic Site

Eisenhower Farm
Eisenhower House

John F. Kennedy
(35th U.S. President,

John Fitzgerald Kennedy National Historic Site

John Fitzgerald Kennedy Birthplace

Lyndon Johnson
(36th U.S. President,

Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park

Lyndon Johnson Ranch

Jimmy Carter
(39th U.S. President,

Jimmy Carter National Historic Site

Jimmy Carter Boyhood Home
Jimmy Carter House

Bill Clinton
(42nd U.S. President,

President William Jefferson Clinton Birthplace National Historic Site

Last updated: August 21, 2017