Coloring Pages of John Day Fossil Beds

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a black and white illustration of two large pig-like beast prance around each other in the mud
Entelodont, Terminator pigs

Entelodonts were fearsome animals that weighed over 1000 pounds.

a black and white illustration of two horses running through the water
Miohippus, an early horse

Miohippus was a small, three-toed relative of modern horses.

a black and white illustration of a cat-like animal with saber-teeth looking alert
Nimravus, a false cat

Nimravus had long legs and was a good runner. It could chase down almost any prey at that time

a black and white illustration of a two-horned rhino in a Savannah-like landscape
Rhinos once roamed ancient Oregon

Although they are not usually associated with North America, rhinos first appeared there.

a black and white illustration of a deer-like, small animal browsing on leaves
Hypertragulid, a mouse deer

Mouse deer were small herbivores that browsed on understory vegetation like shrubs or bushes.

a black and white illustration of two herbivores browse on plants
Oreodonts, pig, sheep-like animals

Oreodonts were a very successful group of browsing herbivores that lived in forests.

one promote sharp mountain with multiple rock layers during a total solar eclipse
Sheep Rock During a Total Solar Eclipse

This spectacular event occurs when the moon moves in front of the sun, covering it completely for a very short time.

an black and white sketch of a cat-like animal with lines that act as a maze
Pogonodon Maze

A large, cat-like predator found in the 29-million-year-old rock layers of Turtle Cove.

a black and white illustration of a three storied ranch house with Sheep Rock in the background
The Historic James Cant Ranch

The Cant Ranch house was built in 1917 with lumber milled near the town of Mitchell, Oregon.

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Last updated: April 29, 2020