2017 Hatteras Island Prenesting Areas for Cape Hatteras

These are the 2017 prenest areas on Hatteras Island for American Oystercatchers and/or piping plovers that Cape Hatteras National Seashore's Off-Road Vehicle Management Plan states will be installed by March 15.

Cape Hatteras (Cape Point) prenest area

Map HI-17-001

South Beach prenest area

Map HI-17-002

Sandy Bay

Map HI-17-003

1.6 - 2.85mi South of Ramp 38

Map HI-17-004

0.3mi North of R43

Map HI-17-005

Ramp 43 - Ramp 44

Map HI-17-006

.62mi North of Ramp 34

Map HI-17-007

.2mi N - .05mi South of R34

Map HI-17-008

.05 - 1.5mi South of Ramp 27

Map BH-17-001

.5 - .7mi North of Ramp 27

Map BH-17-002

1 - 1.2mi North of Ramp 27

Map BH-17-003

Last updated: June 11, 2017