A Memorial & A Legacy

Mourners look on as American servicemen fold a flag over a coffin.
Burial of Herbert Hoover in West Branch, 1964

National Archives & Records Administration

"Every generation has the right to build its own world out of the materials of the past, cemented by the hopes of the future."

Herbert Hoover

Following his presidency, the Hoover family wanted to create a place where the values Herbert believed in could be shared with all Americans. The park reflects the Hoovers’ and their supporters’ vision of how anyone might achieve the American Dream.

Two men kneel in the grass and study blueprints as three other men stake out a plot with string.
Park developers Floyd Fawcett and William Wagner discuss Herbert Hoover's future gravesite, 1964

National Park Service

Planning the Park

After the Hoover presidency ended, Lou Henry Hoover sought to restore President Hoover's Birthplace Cottage. These efforts kicked off what would eventually become the planning of the National Historic Site. A community group, the Herbert Hoover Birthplace Society, worked for years to select and place the buildings and land features found here today.

Admiring children surround an elderly Herbert Hoover during a visit to Warsaw.
Herbert Hoover surrounded by admiring children in war-torn Poland, 1946

National Archives & Records Administration

Remembering Herbert Hoover

Herbert Hoover served as president during a tumultuous time in American history. Like other presidents who left office with low popularity, Hoover’s continued humanitarian work after the White House redeemed his place in history. Even today, Hoover is known throughout the world for his pragmatic faith in the spirit of the American people.

Last updated: October 25, 2018