2018 Coho Salmon Smolt Trapping Season Ends

Coho salmon smolt in a measuring tray
A coho salmon being processed during smolt trapping on Redwood Creek.

NPS / Maritte O'Gallagher

June 2018 - Spring smolt trapping surveys are complete on both Redwood and Olema Creeks. The 41 endangered coho salmon smolts captured on Olema Creek represented much lower numbers than anticipated, and the second lowest year on record since smolt trapping began here in the spring of 2004. Results from Redwood Creek were more promising though, with over 300 coho smolts captured, and preliminary estimate of over 400 migrating out to sea.

On another positive note, over 100 coho fry were also captured in the Redwood Creek smolt trap, a hopeful indicator of more robust future populations in this stream. Juvenile monitoring over the summer should provide a more accurate estimate of total numbers of young fish for the year. Contact Michael Richmuth for additional details.

Last updated: June 29, 2018