What's the Problem?

Use YOUR Math to Find the Answer!

Abraham Lincoln worked math problems to the “Rule of Three.” It is a different method than we use today. Does that sound familiar? Use your “method” to find the answers to the math problems below and learn about Abraham Lincoln and farm life.

1. Abraham Lincoln lived in southern Indiana from 1816 to 1830.
How many years did he live here?

2. Abraham was born in 1809. How old was he when he arrived in
Indiana? How old was he when he left Indiana?
(use the information from question 1)

3. Abraham went on a flatboat journey to New Orleans when he
was 19 years old. He earned $24 for this 3 month journey. How
much did he earn per month?

4. An average man could split 200 rails in one day. How many
rails could he split in one week?

5. It takes 20 minutes to properly card one piece of wool for
spinning. How long would it take to card four pieces of wool?

6. If you own 36 hens and 24 roosters but one half of your
roosters are sold to a neighboring farmer, how many total
chickens would you have left?

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Last updated: January 5, 2022