Valuing Trees and Forests in the National Capital Area

Trees influence almost every aspect of human society and the world we live in: our ecosystems, our cultures, and our economies. Some tree values are from their direct use for commodities or recreation; others result indirectly from simply knowing about their marvelous existence.

This StoryMap series examines the values that trees bring to the National Parks of the National Capital Area. It focuses on three parks: the National Mall and Memorial Parks, Rock Creek Park, and Monocacy National Battlefield, each of which is home to notable trees within its urban forest.

There is no definitive method for valuing trees because context and perspective vary. We assign ecological, cultural, and economic values to trees based on our perceptions of their quality and contribution. Understanding that trees have value opens our eyes to their important roles across the planet as well as in parks of the National Capital Area.
Explore the StoryMap below.

Monocacy National Battlefield, National Mall and Memorial Parks, Rock Creek Park

Last updated: October 19, 2021