“Dearest Julia” Letter

Dearest Julia Letter
“Dearest Julia” Letter, Front

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, ULSG 919

“Dearest Julia” Letter, Reverse
“Dearest Julia” Letter, Reverse

Ulysses S. Grant National Historic Site, ULSG 919

“Dearest Julia” Letter (ULSG 919) Transcript Front

As fine as she
Assured that Nelly will carry
Than she anticipates.
Here spending some time with her
Is a gay as ever but looks broken
Be leaving in a few days for Grants
May has not received his orders

Dearest JuliaI have just
Your letter of the 28th _________
Has been eleven days on its
Had hoped by this time, to
Further particulars
But your


I am satisfied that
It so long as we are
At Detroit.
In a former letter
Of the possibility of our
On the Indian frontier
Did not increase the rank
The ______ congress have
There is
You want to know
Time well I’ll tell you usual-
Of from 8 to 10 miles every day
Taking some lady with
Mrs. Gore, this one or the other
Wife Brusteri[?] and other
Way the Miss

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