Stronger Together

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Stronger Together: A special message from Bill Kaage, Chief of the Division of Fire and Aviation Management for the National Park Service.

Events throughout our nation’s history has shown all of us that we are stronger together. With the pandemic at play, we’ve been isolated in order to keep ourselves, our loved ones, and our co-workers safe while reducing the threat from the virus. Recently, we’ve also seen unity in the fight against racial inequality. It’s imperative that we show support to every one of our firefighters, responders, and support staff. I thank each of you for the great courage you show to protect our nation’s cultural and natural resources as well as life and property while keeping yourselves and others around you safe and healthy.

The National Park Service Division of Fire and Aviation Management condemns racism and intolerance toward others. We are allies in equity and equality. We celebrate the differences and diversity that provide us with unique perspectives and strengthen us individually and collectively.

We share the goal of improving our work environment to be an accepting place for all people and to encourage minorities to join our workforce because it is a good place to work and fits in with our division mission of Guiding the present, framing the future. Public service with integrity. We listen and stay open minded as we guide ourselves through this time. We frame a future of inclusion for all people, and if we do that properly, we will meet our goal of public service with integrity. As a division, we look out for each other and trust each other. We are less without individuals working together. We are stronger working together and stronger when we support one another.

Thank you for your commitment to the National Park Service and the work you do each and every day.

Last updated: July 15, 2020