Shaw's Agave: A Cross-border Botanical Gem

Shaw’s agave (Agave shawii shawii) is a rare and unique succulent plant endemic to a narrow, 200 mile (325 km), stretch along the southwestern California and northern Baja California coastline. South of the border, it is commonly found along the undeveloped portions of the western coast of Baja California. North of the border, however, the species has been reduced to just two small and isolated populations, one of which consists of a single genetic individual.

Discover how an international team of conservation scientists is racing to better understand this iconic cross-border species and what can be done to protect it in the face of a series of growing threats. View full screen for the best experience.

Story by Keith Lombardo

Photographs by Michael Ready

Southern California Research Learning Center, May 2020.

Cabrillo National Monument

Last updated: February 18, 2022