Sandburg Home B.A.R.K. Ranger

Tan dog sits on pavement with a bark ranger dog tag handing from collar
Become a Sandburg Home BARK Ranger!

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National parks are exciting places for pets to visit with their family while on vacation. Sometimes these new places can be so exciting as to be overstimulating. Become a Sandburg Home BARK Ranger to learn how to have a "pawsitive" experience with your pet in unfamiliar environments.

You can find a BARK Ranger pledge card in the park store located in the Sandbug Home. Complete the activities, take the pledge and you and your furry friend are BARK Rangers!

Learn the B.A.R.K. principles so you and your pet can have a safe and fun visit anytime you go to a national park. B.A.R.K. stands for:

  • Bag your pet’s waste
  • Always leash your pet
  • Respect wildlife
  • Know where you can go
Learn more about hiking with pets at the Sandburg Home and watch "Hiking with Your Dog" education videos at

Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site

Last updated: January 11, 2021