MassArt Iron Corps

Several people wearing hard hats and facial shields surround a metal block. One man is pouring glowing molten metal onto block.
Iron pours can be incredibly dangerous so iron casting students always perform them with proper safety gear and careful attention

Dan Pesto / MassArt Iron Corps

The MassArt Iron Corps at Massachusetts College of Art and Design brings people together in the spirit of teamwork, problem solving, and cross-creativity. Unlike so many other art forms, iron casting is not a solo venture. No aspect of creating a piece in iron can be done alone, from creating large molds to actually pouring the iron. We are all truly integral parts of each other's studio practices, utilizing every moment of our time to expand our individual creativity by sharing ideas and skills.

As much as the Iron Corps is its own community, we are also part of the larger school community at MassArt. Students from any discipline are welcome to participate in an iron pour, and our current members include sculpture, jewelry, and architecture majors. We have an incredible alumni base that is still very much actively part of the Corps, and we rely on them for their experience and helping hands on the pour field. The Iron Corps is also well known at the National level, going to conferences, engaging with students from other schools, professional working artists, and participating in the broader cast iron art community.
-- MassArt Iron Corps

Last updated: April 16, 2021