Roster of New Hampshire Soldiers in the Battle of Bunker’s Hill

New Hampshire Roster

Park Ranger Vince Kordack compiled this table from two sources, primarily Roll of New Hampshire Men at Bunker Hill, June 17 1775 written by George C. Gilmore, Secretary of State for New Hampshire, 1889 and an article titled New Hampshire at Bunker Hill by George Nesmith. The table is organized by name (last name first) with any notes, town the individual enlisted from, their rank, and then the commander of their company and their regiment. If you may have information about New Hampshire participants of the Battle of Bunker Hill that is not on this list please feel free to contact the park with the information.



  • Pvt: Private
  • Cpl: Corporal
  • Sgt: Sergeant
  • SMaj: Sergeant Major
  • Lt: Lieutenant
  • Capt: Captain
  • LtCol: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Col: Colonel


  • *: Soldier received a bounty or monies for service in the battle.
  • K: Killed in the battle
  • W: Wounded in the battle
  • POW: Taken prisoner after the battle
  • M: Either a resident from Massachusetts serving in a New Hampshire regiment or a New Hampshire resident serving in a Massachusetts regiment
Compiled by Boston National Historical Park Ranger Vince Kordack
Name (Last, First) and notesTown Enlisted inRankCompanyRegiment

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Last updated: July 26, 2021