Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers News | August 2020

Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers News
Farmington River photo by Tim Palmer

We sincerely hope you are staying healthy and safely enjoying your local waterways.

Partnership Wild and Scenic Rivers communities protect outstanding rivers and river-related resources through a collaborative approach. In many of these communities, enjoying the outdoors and being on the river is one way to connect to these special places and learn more about protecting them. As rivers see increased use, it’s critical we all practice leave no trace principles to keep our rivers healthy for the enjoyment of present and future generations. Check out the Partnership River News to find out more about safely enjoying, protecting, and enhancing your local waterways.

In This Issue: Farmington River

Farmington River Stewards


Getting to Know the Farmington: Highlighting the Farmington River Stewards

Designation Origin Stories

Designation Origin Stories

Designation Stories: How the Farmington became Wild & Scenic

Farmington River Quilt

Conservation & Outreach

Farmington River Quilt

Farmington River Spotlight on the Chair

Farmington River Spotlight on the Chair

Spotlight: Dan Bowler, FRCC Chair

Water Quality

Water Quality

A Look at the Farmington River’s Water

Welcome to the Sixth Issue of the Partnership Rivers News

The last News was in 2017 with the release of the 20 Years of Success Report. We’re picking up the storytelling through a year-long issue where we will highlight the Partnership Rivers in their designation month. For each river, we will include some information about the origins of their designation efforts, recreation, water quality, conservation and outreach.

The first installment is on the Farmington River in CT as they were designated in August 1994.
The River Currents NPS yearly newsletter will be a PWSR special edition this year and be a print (and digital) project that will include some of the content from this year of PWSR News articles.


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River Connections
River Connections

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