Luna's Diary

Homestead National Historical Park Luna's Diary Part 1
Luna's Diary Part 1

In 1871, 15 year old Luna Warner moved from Massachusetts to Kansas with her family to homestead and chronicled her experience in diary.

Homestead National Historical Park Luna's Diary Part 2
Luna's Diary Part 2

In 1871 Luna's family rode the train to Solomon, Kansas. They'll set out north along the Solomon River to find a homestead claim.

Homestead National Historical Park Luna's Diary Part 3
Luna's Diary Part 3

Life in 1870s Kansas was nothing short of work and adventure. Luna's diary shares it all! Will the Warner family acquire a homestead?

1870s photo of 15 year old girl with dark pulled back hair in long dress sits for portrait
This image of Luna Warner was taken before her family migrated west from Massachusetts to homestead in Kansas.

Osborne County Genealogical & Historical Society

Luna Warner was 15 years old in 1871 when her family decided to migrate west from Massachusetts to Kansas. Her family's intention was to claim land under the Homestead Act of 1862. This video series is based off of Luna's diary that she began shortly before their life changing move. This educational series is great for elementary students and people of all ages. Introduce yourself to life in the 1870s through a child's perspective. You may find a link to Luna's diary below.

Homestead National Historical Park would like to thank the Kansas Historical Society, the Osborne Carnegie Research Library, the Osborne County Genealogical and Historical Society, the Cawker City Museum, and the Library of Congress, for image usage and research help.

Based off of primary source documents, this fun video series will soon be included on Homestead's Education Portal! Check back as links to primary resources will be added in the portal along with benchmarks and standards. Below is the link to Luna's Diary which is part of the Kansas Historical Society's collection.

Luna's Diary

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