List of 18th Century Toys & Games

By Ruth Hodges, Lincoln Minute Men, 2018

Documented To The 18th Century

Toys Games/ Sports
Marbles Sack Races
Doll Grinning Martch (see seperate file)
Whizzer/buzz-saw blind man's bluff
ball-and-cup house of cards
rocking horse blowin gbubbles (through a pipe or reed straw)
hobby horse tea party
cards leap-frog
kite see-saw
trundling hoop & stick hide & seek ("hoop & hide")
toy drum playing catch
toy recorder/flute hop-scotch (played by first throwing a tile into one of 10 squares)
toy gun, bow & arrow, sword Base-ball/ trap ball (hit ball, run post to post to home)*
child's wagon* battledore & shuttl cock [now badmiton]
spinning top dancing round the May-Pole
nine-pins (now bowling) fishing
windmill/whirligig on a stick swimming
pull-toy (especially horses) ice skating
dice, knuckle bones (evolved later into "jacks" horseback riding
rattles, coral-and-bells
toy soldiers
doll houses
alphabet blocks
tea sets

* see A Little Pretty Pocket-Book, by John Newbery, 1744, for more information and more games
** most children had few toys, so they played games --- and most toys were gendered

No Documentation (yet) to the 18th Century:

Jump Rope
Jacob's Ladder? (Winterthur: 1770-1820)

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