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Two people ride bikes along a path. Mountains, trees in autumn gold, and a small river in background.
John H. Dover Memorial Park in Billings, MT is one of the sites listed on

Photo courtesy of Visit Billings.

About this article: This article was originally published in the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail 2021 Annual Report.

LewisandClark.Travel Program Launch

Unveiled in July 2021, a new online trip-planning portal, helps visitors learn more about the host communities, local businesses, and attractions located along the 4,900-mile trail that runs from Pittsburgh to the Pacific Ocean.

Historic and cultural sites and businesses in communities along the Lewis and Clark Trail can register by visiting is a partner website operated by Solimar International.

2021 LewisandClark.Travel Program Highlights

  • The website launched on July 19, 2021 to highlight sustainable tourism offerings along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.
  • Over 2,000 individual sites and attractions have been published live to the interactive map guide in helping to achieve the goal of building a bridge between historical points and current cultural attractions inside communities along the trail.
  • Eleven expert seminars conducted and made available online at
  • Five webinars were hosted in 2021 to support promotional efforts along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.
  • Monthly newsletters were written and sent to 900+ partners along the Lewis and Clark Trail.
  • Professional marketing/promo video and five social media shorts were produced and shared widely.
  • Public relations efforts have brought the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail to the forefront via six different travel stories in six different periodicals.
  • A content library is in development to highlight specific destinations/communities along the trail.
  • Identified Bike route for Eastern section from Pittsburgh, PA. to St Louis, MO.
  • Launched a new internship program to support the Geotourism Program.
Top of teepee is silhouetted against a blue sky

Well Known Buffalo Tipi Stays. Garryowen, Montana.

Wellknown Buffalo Tipi Stays

Tipi Stays are part of the Cultural Immersion opportunity visitors experience at the Wellknown Buffalo Living Culture Campus on the Crow Reservation in Montana.

Rusted old tractor repurposed as bed for Tulips. Painted features a mountain and reads Dickey's Farm Store.

Photo By Starlisa Black Photography, used with permission.

Dickey's Farm Store

Dickey’s Farm Store is a staple in Bingen, Washington. The store has been providing stellar local produce, eggs, fruit, cheeses, amazing pies, and a great wine selection to locals and travelers for years – since 1867, as a matter of fact.

An overhead photo of a more than fifty people, some in regalia, congregating and performing

United Tribes Technical College International Powwow. Bismarck, ND.

United Tribes Technical College International Powwow

The United Tribes Technical College International Powwow is held every second weekend in September. Judges selected by the powwow committee evaluate performances based on performers' knowledge and skill of their category; keeping time with the drum; and regalia.

A tasting room with tables and chairs is lined with a brick wall and wooden beams.

Baker-Bird Winery & Distillery. Augusta, KY.

Baker-Bird Winery & Distillery

Built by German immigrants that settles in the Ohio River Valley, the winery provided safety to citizens during the 1862 Civil War Battle in Augusta. Baker-Bird Winery & Distillery is one businesses listed in the Food and Drink category of

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