Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Spending and Projects Report 2021

About this article: This article was originally published in the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail 2021 Annual Report.

Funds Received. Lewis and Clark Trail logo. Digital drawing of paper with spending numbers from article. Bar Chart shows funds wavered then increased.


Funds Recieved

ONPS Base Fund: $2,301,138.
Grants Recieved (PMIS, Volunteers in Parks): $52,300
Total Funds in 2021: $2,353,438

5 year ONPS Base Trend:

2017: $2,008,032
2018: $2,022,747
2019: $2,008,032
2020: $2,103,000
2021: $2,301,138

Spending. Digital drawing of paper with numbers from article. Lewis and Clark Trail Logo. Piechart shows Partner support and Publications as biggest spending categories.

2021 Spending

Agreements, Contracts, and Partner Support: $385,580
Publications and Signs: $202,000
Grant Projects: $52,300
Supplies and Technology: $42,779

Total Spending: $682,659*

Piechart (left) illustrates that, outside of Personnel Services and Salary, Agreements, Contracts, and Partner Support make up more than half of spending. Publications and Signs represent roughly one quarter of spending. Supplies and Tech and Grant Projects make up the rest.

*Outside of Personnel Servives and Salary
Personnel Services and Salary: $1,670,779

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Contracts and Agreements

Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail Contracts and Agreements spending supported:

  • 6 Active Cooperative Agreements with partners along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail.
  • 3-year Agreement with American Indian Alaska Native Tourism Association (AIANTA) and Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail
Interpretation and Education. Simple drawings of Lewis and Clark Trail Brochure. Junior Ranger Badge. laptop that reads Film reel. Date stamp reads Lewis and Clark Trail Akta Lakota Museum

Interpretation and Education

  • 114,000 “UNIGRID” brochures printed and distributed
  • 13,500 Junior Ranger books and badges distributed to host sites
  • 672,735 page views on Lewis and Clark Trail’s official web page,
  • 1,400+ videos from Tent of Many Voices added to
  • 45 Passport to Parks Stamp Locations across Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail

Integrated Resources Stewardship. Simples black and white drawings of, a location pin, DVD, webinar icon, modern river boat, and Lewis and Clark Trail Auto Tour Route Sign

Integrated Resources Stewardship

  • 2,039 published sites on (Increased 3x from 2020) including 77 tribal sites
  • 5 webinars with expert presenters hosted by
  • 588 DVDs of Tent of Many Voices recordings convereted to mp4 for preservation and accessibility
  • 36 Auto Tour Route Signs delivered to Kentucky and Ohio
  • 149 miles of historic river route captured with panoramic mapping

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