A Kayaking Ad Lib

This week, you can help us finish a story about getting ready to go kayaking on the Big Lake. That’s right! You, a kayak, and Gichigami. You need to plan if you going to achieve great things safely. Kind of like climbing Mount Everest, but different. There is really nothing quite like kayaking, and when you are doing it on Lake Superior. it is even better. I mean, you sit right on the water and propel yourself with your paddle and wits. I make it sound simple, but as you will learn there are many things to consider.

First, look at the word list, and choose words that match all the descriptions. Second, go to the story and fill in your chosen words. Finally, read about your preparation for kayaking on Lake Superior.

What was the best part of your story? Share with us in the comments.

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Kayaking on Lake Superior Ad Lib Questions

Make sure you answer these questions and use them to fill in the blanks in the story in order. Have fun!
Friend or relative _______________
Superhero _______________
Summer holiday _______________
Hometown _______________
Favorite color _______________
Something very difficult _______________
Exclamation _______________
Something very large _______________
Trustworthy person (historical figure, friend or relative) _______________
A famous monster _______________
Favorite snack _______________

Kayaking on Lake Superior Ad Lib

I was so excited when (friend or relative) ______________ and (superhero) ________________ invited me to go on a kayaking trip to Apostle Islands National Lakeshore to celebrate (summer holiday) ________________. I have only been kayaking in small lakes and rivers near (hometown) ________________ before. Luckily, they are more experienced and are teaching me everything I need to know to kayak on Lake Superior. They have all the safety gear and even a marine radio for us to use since cell phones don’t always work in the area. I will rent a sea kayak from an outfitter and am happy they have a (favorite color) ______________ one for me to use, provided I pass a kayak safety course first.

There are 21 islands to explore as well as the mainland seacaves, so it will be as tough as (something very difficult) _____________ to choose where we want to go. I think Sand Island sounds cool because it has a lighthouse, sea caves, and an old shipwreck nearby. (Exclamation) _____________! My friends tell me that the waves can get as big as (something very large) ______________ during storms, so if the weather is iffy, we will kayak on Long Lake instead. Before we leave we will share our float plan with (trustworthy person) ________________ so that they know where we are and when we should be back. Lake Superior is very cold so today I tried on a wetsuit. It was tight but will keep me nice and warm if I get wet. There are lots of black bear where we will be going. They are not as dangerous as (famous monster) _______________ but would love to get people’s food. When we camp, we will need to keep our food in the bear boxes so that they don’t eat my (favorite snack) ________________. Tomorrow we are all taking a kayak safety course to make sure we all have the skills and knowledge to have a fun and safe trip. I can’t wait to get out on the water!!

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