Frederick Dent Bill of Sale Discussion Guide

After reading through the various resources for this lesson, complete the discussion questions below.

  1. Think about your friends and family and pick one or two people you have a close relationship with. What makes these relationships special to you?

  2. What does freedom mean to you? What does it mean to live your life in freedom?

  3. Look at the painting “The Last Sale of Slaves.” What do you notice about this painting? What story do you think it’s trying to tell?

  4. Why do you think Frederick Dent chose to sell four enslaved people to his daughter Emma?

  5. Why do you think the remaining enslaved people at White Haven ran away during the American Civil War? What risks did they face in choosing to run away?

  6. Why is it important for students to learn about the history of slavery in the United States?

    This discussion guide is part of the Ulysses S. Grant’s Life and Legacy: Teaching with Museum Collections Lesson Plan.

Last updated: July 6, 2022