Partners Bring the Power (as in EV Charging) to Homestead National Historical Park

An electric vehicle parked and plugged into a electric charging station.
A vehicle charges in the Homestead Heritage Center parking lot.

NPS Photo

Electric vehicles can now power-up at Homestead National Historical Park. Thanks to the Nebraska Environmental Trust, Nebraska Community Energy Alliance, Nebraska Public Power District, Norris Public Power District, and Friends of Homestead, visitors can now access an EV Charging Station at the Homestead Heritage Center while they visit the park. Operating the EV Charging Unit, through a commercial use license, will be the Friends of Homestead.

During the activation ceremony for the charging station earlier this month, Mark Engler, Park Superintendent, asked aloud “What would those early homesteaders think?” Reflecting back on the progression of power from hand power, to horse, then to steam powered tractors, and now today where gas and diesel commonly power agriculture operations. Mark said, “I wonder if these early homesteaders would ever have imagined operating electric powered vehicles, and perhaps someday even an electric combine.”

The EV Charging Unit Project at Homestead is part of a statewide effort sponsored by the Nebraska Community Energy Alliance. Funds generated by the Friends of Homestead, through the ChargePoint App, will be used to off-set those monthly electric bills, with profits going to support park programs and projects.

As part of the activation ceremony, the partners that brought this charging station to Homestead were recognized, as were the NPS Employees that helped navigate the steps to the project’s success.

It’s time to power-up!

Homestead National Historical Park

Last updated: February 10, 2021