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Westfield River Designated as Wild and Scenic November 2, 1993




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Westfield River


Westfield River 2(a)(ii) Study & Environmental Assessment submitted to SOI July 1993

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November 2, 1993*

Federal Register Volume 58, Number 219 In 1991 Governor William Weld of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts petitioned the Secretary of the Interior to designate three branches of the Westfield River under section 2(a) (ii) of the national Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

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Fish, Geologic, Historic, Recreation, Scenic, Wildlife, Ecologic

Westfield Wild and Scenic River Committee

Native trout fishery, geology including falls and gorges, spectacular mountain scenery, unique dry stone arch railway bridges

*The Westfield Wild and Scenic River was originally designated on November 2, 1993 with manytributaries being added on September 28, 2004.

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Last updated: November 30, 2020