Crystal Cove Fishery

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gill nets hanging in front of cabin
Milford Johnson's Gill Nets, 1960s.

National Visual Inventory Cards 60-868 / Broomberg


Superintendent Gibbs approved use of Crystal Cove as a fishery to Milford Johnson in 1956. At that time, Milford moved his fishing site from Star Island to the Crystal Cove location. Milford Sr. and his brother were going to work the Crystal Cove fishery together, as they had at Star Island, but Bob was in the service around this time and was not particularly interested in fishing after his return. Milford and his wife Myrtle eventually operated the fishery by themselves and used the main lodge of the McGeath compound as a residence. Milford Sr. fished whitefish nets at the mouth of McCargoe Cove for 10 days in the fall, near the end of October. He would set nets for 24 hours from 4am to 4am. Milford Sr. also fished Steamboat Island, Five-Finger Bay, Big Todd, etc. It is said he never fished beyond Big Todd Harbor.

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