Acadia Youth Conservation Corps

In a dense wooded area, eight young people in work clothes and red hard hats jump and exclaim for the camera

Photo by Sam Mallon, Friends of Acadia

A Life-Changing Summer Job

I had an amazing time working for the AYCC. It was a life changing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life. This job opened up my eyes for ANP and made me realize so much goes into a national park. This may be a career option in my future.– 2022 Crew Member

At A Glance:

Where: Acadia National Park, Bar Harbor, Maine
When: Eight weeks: 7:30 am to 3:00 pm, Monday-Friday, June 24 - Aug 16, 2024
Age: 15-18 years old
Eligibility: US citizen, national, or permanent resident
Interest Areas: Outdoors, conservation, teamwork
Earn: $15.00 an hour
Appliation: Closed for 2024 season.
Questions? Email us at aycc@nps,gov

Boy in work clothes and red hard hat lifts a large log

Photo by Sam Mallon, Friends of Acadia

Join To Make A Difference

Prepare to sweat working on projects that sustain Acadia’s trails, carriage roads, and natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

Work projects have included –

  • Installing check dams to prevent erosion on Acadia’s historic trail system

  • Replacing bogwalk to protect fragile ecosystems and keep visitor’s boots dry.

  • Clearing drainage and vegetation to protect and Acadia's breathtaking carriage roads

  • Remove invasive plants to protect native species

  • Painting gates and replacing educational signage for the best visitor experience

Join To Expand Your Horizons

Formal and informal education opportunities are carefully crafted to help you develop a rich understanding and appreciation of Acadia’s natural and cultural resources. Crew members will engage with park experts and their peers through educational programs, conversations, and work projects to discover the depth of knowledge, passion, and skill that goes into conservation efforts.

You will learn –

  • About a variety of NPS careers (perhaps discover one you’d like to pursue)

  • Proper tool use and care

  • Project-specific techniques

  • About the park’s unique natural features and diverse ecosystems

  • How we respond to nature and how nature responds to us

  • Teamwork and leadership skills

Silhouettes of two hikers approaching a fire tower

Photo by Lily LaRegina, Friends of Acadia

Join To Play In A Stunning Outdoor Setting

Millions of people flood to Acadia to enjoy the wealth of outdoor recreational activities in incredible scenery.
We want you to experience the fun for yourself and set aside time to recreate together.

You may –

  • Hike, climb, paddle, or bike

  • Take a boat tour to Baker’s Island or Frenchboro

  • Camp out at Isle Au Haut

  • Hear/tell (too many?) jokes with your crewmates

Two women in work clothes and red hard hats work on a log crossing of a stream

Photo by Sam Mallon, Friends of Acadia

Join To Lead The Next Generation Of Stewardship

This program will challenge you and provide the support you need to flourish. Crew members receive individual mentorship to identify and achieve their personal goals. For many, this is their first job.

In addition to learning how to be professional, you will

  • Build confidence and self-esteem

  • Develop a strong work ethic

  • Gain teamwork and leadership skills

  • Make enduring friendships

Join To Take Pride

In your work,

The skills and knowledge you gain,

The memories you create,

And the community you make.

Apply Now – March 17, 2024

"I feel like I really gained a better, deeper understanding of my personality and the work that I want to do in the future. Meeting with all of the various professionals around the park has opened my eyes to opportunities that I'm interested in and didn't know about before." ~2023 Crew Member

Close up of dirt ground into a worker's T-shirt

Photo by Sam Mallon, Friends of Acadia

Work Location, Schedule, Salary, and Leave

  • AYCC crew members report to Acadia National Park Headquarters every morning Monday - Friday.
  • Work days start at 7:30 am and end at 3:00 pm (35 hours per week).
  • Crew members must provide their own housing and transportation to and from the park. Carpools are encouraged.
  • Transportation during work hours is provided by the NPS.
  • Crew members earn the Maine minimum wage of $15.00 per hour.
  • AYCC do not earn paid leave. Under certain circumstances, the NPS can grant unpaid leave to accommodate illness and/or occasional vacation days.
Boy in work uniform and red hard hat uses a measuring tape on a boardwalk

What You Can Expect

  • Demanding, sometimes monotonous, physical labor in rain and shine

  • Meaningful work projects

  • Using hand tools such as shovels, hands saws, rock bars, etc.

  • Hiking over rough and steep terrain

  • Training on proper tool use and care, task-specific skills, Leave No Trace principals, teamwork and leadership skills, etc.

  • Fun!

  • Career development

  • Place-based learning on Acadia’s natural and cultural resources

  • Personal challenge and growth

  • Build strong relationships with other participants and staff

  • Potential overnight work trip to Isle Au Haut

Three young workers in uniform and red hard hats work on a log bridge in a heavily forested area

Photo by Sam Mallon, Friends of Acadia

What Is Expected Of You

  • Wear the provided uniform and safety equipment at all times as directed by the supervisor

  • Arrive on time ready for daily assignments

  • Prioritize safety first, learning second, followed closely by work and play

  • Follow all rules and expectations requires of AYCC and NPS staff

  • Follow supervisor’s instructions

  • Interact respectfully and inclusively with all AYCC crew members

  • Participate in all aspects of the program, including work, educational, and recreational activities

  • Bring their best efforts and attitudes

  • Ask for help and clarification when needed

Eligibility Requirements

Applicants are eligible for employment without regard to socioeconomic background, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

To ensure a fair and equitable process, participants are selected by lottery.

No previous work or technical experience is required or expected, but a willingness and ability to maintain a positive attitude, growth mindset, be a team player, and work in a physically active outdoor program are essential for success.

Applicants Must –

  • Be 15 years old before or on the first day of work and not reach 19 years old during the program duration

  • Be citizens or permanent residents of the United States (must possess a Social Security card before the first day of work)

  • Be able to fulfill the essential functions of the assigned work with or without reasonable accommodations

  • Be able to obtain parental or legal guardian consent to enroll in the program

  • Have no history of serious criminal or antisocial behavior that might create safety concerns

  • Be able to provide their own housing and transportation to/from work

Apply by March 17 for the summer 2024 program.

  • For more information, please email us at
Group photo of nine young people in work clothes and uniforms with a man a center wearing a ranger flat hat and NPS uniform
Members of the Summer 2022 AYCC crew and staff with NPS Director Chuck Sams

Photo by Ashley L. Conti, Friends of Acadia


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